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Nordstrand Audio


Nordstrand 3 Band Bass Preamps

Easy to use, original, and sonically immaculate, these preamps provide players with an uninhibited musicality derived from Carey Nordstrand’s own personal design. 

  • With an ideal feature set facilitating their great sound, these units have become popular with high end bass builders who love to install them as standard OEM preamps on their top level instruments. Given that they are available in multiple prewired configurations, these preamps have become extremely popular upgrades for basses at all levels of quality.

    Artists: Vivian d'Souza, Fernando Vallin, Paulo Roberto Diniz Jr, Will Birckhead, Travis Carlton, Scott Pazera
  • 3B-3 (1 Pickup - 3 Band -- 3 Knob, 1 Switch):
    Volume w/Active-Passive Push-Pull -- Push-Pull Mid -- Treble/Bass Stack

    3B-4b (2 Pickup - 3 Band -- 4 Knob):
    Volume/Tone Stack -- Blend -- Push-Pull Mid -- Treble/Bass Stack

    3B-5a (2 Pickup - 3 Band -- 5 Knob):
    Volume w/Active-Passive Push-Pull -- Blend -- Treble -- Push-Pull Mid -- Bass

    3B-5b (2 Pickup - 3 Band -- 5 Knob):
    Volume w/Active-Passive Push-Pull -- Blend -- Tone --Push-Pull Mid -- Treble/Bass Stack

  • Overall gain is 0 to 15db by a trim pot on the circuit board.

    Bass +/- 12db @ 50Hz

    Treble +/- 12db @ 4khz

    Midrange +/- 12db @ 1k and 400Hz

  • Below are impressions and anecdotal thoughts gathered over the years. Some are our own and some are from customers.
    • Transparent
    • Boost and cut is not overly-aggressive
    • Mid boost is in the upper mid-range compared to other preamps
    • Treble boost is in the lower treble range compared to other preamps
    • Ability to adjust the overall output of the active signal