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Bartolini TCT 3 Band Preamps

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• TCT is the original Bartolini on-board pre-amp. 

  • Widely known as preamp used by Marcus Miller, the TCT is legendary. It has vintage FMV (Fender/Marshall/Vox) frequency controls so each band affects the others and if all bands are set to minimum, the output is muted. The TCT is a vintage, complex product for professional use only.

    Currently only available in the TCT-5.4AP configuration, with a push-pull switch on the volume pot so you can quickly pull to bypass the preamp completely.

  • TCT-5.4AP - 2 Pickup - 5 Knob & 1 Switch (Vpp-Bl-T-M-B-MSW)
    Volume w/Active-Passive Push-Pull -- Blend -- Treble -- Mid -- Bass -- Mid Frequency Selection Switch

  • Preamp Module Size:
    1.76" [44.7mm] Long
    1.02" [25.9mm] Wide
    0.54" [13.7mm] Thick

    Mid Boost Module Size:
    1.05" [26.7mm] Long
    0.79" [20.1mm] Wide
    0.43" [10.9mm] Thick

    Operating Voltage:
    9V - Prewired battery clip

    3dB - Average boost is preset. Additional boost can be added by an experienced guitar tech.

    Bass Control:
    Boost or cut your low frequencies. The control is assymetric and somewhat affects treble response as well.
    Bass: +/-12dB@50Hz

    Mid Control:
    Thicken or thin your tone with mid control. TCT has native mid cut for classic slap tone. Flip the toggle to set the mid frequency boost to 250Hz, 500Hz, or quickly flip to 750Hz for a solo.
    Mid: +16dB@250/500/750Hz, -11dB@300Hz

    Treble Control:
    The TCT provides ample control range for treble boost or cut. The control affects bass response as well.
    Treble: +/-13dB@6KHz

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