5 String Jazz Bass Pickups

Some great options here for 5 String Jazz Bass® from our manufacturers covering a solid variety of tone profiles. Sizing of 5 String J Bass® pickups haven’t exactly been standardized over the years, unfortunately. So, to that end, we stock the three size major sizings where possible:

• Fender American Standard: ~4.1" (104mm) X 3.9" (99mm)
• Long/Long: ~3.73" (94mm) X 3.73" (94mm)
• Long/Short: ~3.73" (94mm) X 3.60" (91mm).

Tone: Each of the pickups are sonically different, but since there are some similarities in the goals of the various manufacturers, we have categorized them into 4 classes. These are generalizations that use our experience, as well as the engineering goals of the pickup builders. Drop us a line if you have questions, and we will lend a hand.

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