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Let's Make Your BASS Guitar Sound Awesome!

A simple upgrade to your bass's components, like your pickups, bridge  or preamp, can make a world of difference.  We have the right Bass Guitar Parts to help you get WORLD CLASS TONE.

What happens if you want access to tones that are not simply possible to achieve with your bass >cable>amp setup? What you need are bass effects pedals. While similar in concept to their six-string counterparts, bass pedals are engineered to handle the lower frequency range and dynamics of the bass guitar. 

  • 13 min read

The NordyMute is a great add-on to most any bass. Players looking for an old-school Motown vibe or a pseudo-upright tone will be quite pleased with what this mute can deliver.

The mutes are made out of exotic and domestic hardwoods (Maple, Walnut, Wenge and Rosewood) and fitted with a high quality foam. 

  • 6 min read
The Quarter Pounder PJ Bass Pickup Set from Seymour Duncan is an interesting pickup - both sonically and visually. The pole pieces are huge, and eye catching. The sound of the pickup is huge, the output is huge.
  • 3 min read

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