4 String Jazz Bass Pickups

Most manufacturers of bass pickups have a few different voicings of 4 String Jazz, or J Bass® pickups. From vintage to fully modern, and the in-between, you should be able to find something to your liking from the list assortment below. It has been great to see many brands continuing to innovate in this area; from Nordstrand’s Big Blades, to Delano’s JMVC FE/M2 with it’s massive pole pieces - more tones are coming available to us players.

Tone: Pinning down some of the models can be a bit tricky…it is clear that some of the models are specifically designed to be vintage correct, and others are vintage ‘oriented’ but with some small (or medium) twist. A few of the pickups fall into a couple categories (such as modern and high output). We’ve done our best to categorize and help you find your way. Check out the filters, and if have questions, drop us a line and we can give some guidance.

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