Why Choose Fat Bass Tone?

Our hope in creating Fat Bass Tone is to provide players around the world with a source for high-quality technical expertise; top-of-the-line hardware and electronics for bass upgrades as well as new-builds; and customer service based on honesty and integrity.

At Fat Bass Tone, our guarantee to you is that we will:
- Provide you with unbiased and honest advice.
- Be honest about whether items are “in stock” or “out of stock.”
- Respond to all inquiries in a timely manner.
- Treat you with respect.

So, what is Fat Bass Tone's story?  It was established by two luthiers, players, bass nerds and all around good guys, who happen to be friends.

Brian Ristola sanding a bass guitar body

In early high school, Brian Ristola bought his first electric guitar and started playing with his friends in a band. In his 20’s he transitioned to electric bass guitar and enjoyed the band scene in Washington DC for a year, before heading up to the woods in New England. Since that time, two decades ago, he has made electric bass guitars his career. The transition from player to luthier came in 1999 when he began an apprenticeship with Chris Stambaugh (Stambaugh Designs). Eventually, when he and his wife bought their first home, he built his own shop and went into business for himself under the name “Ristola Instruments" in 2002.

The next evolution in his career was helping bass players around the world get access to high-end bass guitar hardware and electronics. He also found his niche providing quality technical information and resources for players who were looking to upgrade their bass or build an entirely new instrument. To that end, Brian founded Best Bass Gear, LLC in 2003 and operated the business until 2010.

Max Kay pre-wiring an Aguilar OBP3 preamp

Max Kay started his career as a luthier in the early 1990’s when he attended the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery. He has worked as a bass and guitar tech, as well as a repairman ever since. He has built up a wealth of knowledge which is invaluable to players looking to modify their instruments.

We believe that our expertise in building and repairing electric bass guitars will benefit our customers.  We have the knowledge to help players get the most out of their instruments and to find their "perfect" tone.  



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