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Leo Quan Badass II Bass Bridge

• Get more punch & sustain from your bass

• Direct retrofit onto Fender® Basses with a 5 hole mounting pattern

• This is THE original high mass bass bridge

• Back after years of unavailability

  • The Leo Quan Badass II Bass Bridge is finally back. Originally created in the 1970s by Glen Quan and Leo Malliaris in Oakland, California, this bridge is one of the first commonly retrofitted pieces of gear on bass guitars. Decades before players regularly used the phrase ‘high mass bridge’ when talking about bass bridges, this bridge was being installed on basses used by big stage professionals such as Marcus Miller, Geddy Lee, Sting, Dave Ellifson, Flea and many others.

    The Badass II Bass Bridge, with it’s higher mass and zinc alloy construction, loses less of the string vibration to the wood (mostly body) of the bass, allowing the string to vibrate longer, providing more sustain. Players often hear more clarity and punch with their bass hitting harder and getting more in front of the mix when playing with a band.

    Optimized for Fender® 4 string basses with a 5 hole screw mount configuration. 

    Currently available in Chrome.

    Mounting screws and an Allen wrench to adjust the saddles are included.

    Installation of the bridge is fairly straight forward, requiring removal of your bass’s current mounting screws. The Badass II can then be installed with the new screws without drilling holes. Since this bridge is larger than most bridges, most likely any footprint from your old bridge will be hidden.

    Your new Leo Quan Badass II Bridge will have unslotted saddles. Quan felt that roller & round saddles were inferior because they can have lateral gesticulation. His design, when installed properly, creates the ideal string slot with as little energy loss as possible. When mounting these on basses that we have built or repaired, we get great results using the same files used when slotting for a nut.

    Any reasonably capable guitar tech can easily install this bridge. Ask them to use the size-specific nut files for your strings...and you should get the excellent tone upgrade to your bass intended by Glen and Leo's design and material choices.

    If you do not have access to a guitar tech, and want a pre-slotted version of this bridge, check out the Omega Bass Bridge.  This bridge is made by Allparts (who now own and manufacture the LQ BA II).  This bridge is largely the same bridge as the BA II but with slotted saddles.  An excellent alternative is the Hipshot Kickass Bass Bridge, another high mass bridge that has a different, but well designed aesthetic.

  • Size: 
    3.25" [82.55mm] Long
    2.5" [63.5mm] Wide

  • Below are impressions and anecdotal thoughts gathered over the years. Some are our own and some are from customers.

    • Probably the most sold bass replacement part in history
    • Thickens tone, while adding punch
    • Direct replacement for 5 hole Fender®  that mounts easily to bass
    • Don't forget to slot (or have a tech) slot the saddles