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Bartolini preamps came about from the same engineering perspective that Bill Bartolini infused all of his creations with: It must be dependable and it must sound good. 

Compressors are the pedals that can make one of the biggest sonic impacts on not only how your bass sounds, but also on how it feels, and most importantly, how it sits in a mix.  If you've ever listened to a professionally produced track and wondered how the bass guitar manages to sit so perfectly in the mix, chances are compression is playing a major role. 

Whether you're seeking vintage vibes, new-vintage tones, or modern sonic possibilities, there's a pickup out there for you. Whichever path you choose, upgrading your 5-string bass with the right pickups opens up a world of sonic exploration and personalization.

Unlike the standardized designs of P-Bass and J-Bass pickups, soapbars offer a wider canvas for experimentation for pickup designers. The larger format allows manufacturers to inject their unique voice and push the boundaries of bass tone...

Aside from the Precision Bass, Fender’s Jazz bass became one of the most widely used electric basses ever since it was released in the early '60s...And if you’ve ever played one, you begin to understand why the J Bass has such a strong grasp on the electric bass market. 

The Rattler is an extremely flexible distortion pedal that can go from a modest amount of grit, all the way to fire-breathing distortion, while still maintaining the original character of the Rat. 
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In the beginning of electric bass, there was no aftermarket pickup industry. You were essentially stuck with what came with your bass from the OEM, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing since the tones from the 50s and 60s are amazing...But you were out of luck if you wanted something different for your bass.
Originally called the “Deluxe Model”, the J Bass came out 9 years after the original Precision Bass in 1960 as Fender’s attempt to capitalize on the success and widespread adoption of the electric bass. Compared to the P Bass, the J Bass was designed to be more ergonomic and provide additional tonal possibilities with its two pickups. Somewhat ironically, most jazz players remained true to their acoustic basses in the early 60s, but the J Bass...
The sound was now both clear and defined while also retaining warmth, evenness, and just an overall pleasing sound from top to bottom. Nothing was overly emphasized or out of place.
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A vintage Jazz Bass is what dreams are made of. It growls, it cuts, it slaps, and it does all the things that we dream a J Bass would do. 

The 70-year-old P bass can cover a lot of tonal territory, that is, with the right pickups. In this article, we’ll give you an overview of some of the best Precision Bass pickups you have available in 2024...

In 1957, Fender introduced the first mass-production split-coil hum-canceling pickup in the Precision Bass. And ever since, hum-canceling bass pickups have been a staple in the industry. Before that, the electric bass hummed...Why? 

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