4 String Soap Bar Pickups

Soapbar shaped pickups seem to be the place where manufacturers put a large personal touch on their pickup windings. The varieties of tones coming from these similar shaped rectangles is awesome. While on occasion, manufacturers are called on to create soapbars that have the tones of J and P Basses®, the larger shape of shell allows for more experimentation and variety.

Standarization has happened to a lesser degree in soapbox shapes. In some respects, the bass builders in our industry have guided some of the standardization. By in large, four string pickups in the soapbox shape are most commonly BC and EMG shape.

Wiring varies between 2 conductor and 4 conductor wiring. Many dual coil designs allow for coil splitting, where the two coils in the pickup can be switched between series, parallel and even a single coil mode. Use the filters on the left to narrow down your focus.

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