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Leo Quan Badass III Bass Bridge

• Brother to the famed Badass II

• Improved attack, snap and sustain

• Retrofit for Fender® basses with a 3 screw mount configuration

• High mass, direct energy transfer design

•Slotted saddles for very easy installation

  • Love the Badass II but have a Fender® bass with a 3 hole screw mount? The BA III Bass Bridge has been made for you! About a decade and a half ago, Glen Quan released this bass bridge to players an option if their bass didn’t have a 5 hole mounting pattern. Some of the basses that this bridge was intended to retrofit include: Fender® American Deluxe, Artist, Custom Shop, Deluxe American, Classic Zone Jazz & Precision. Players can just look at their bass and see if they have 3 screws holding the bridge to the bass, or 5.

    Just like it’s predecessors, (the I and II), the goal of the Leo Quan Badass III Bass Bridge is to increase sustain, punch, snap and clarity. It achieves this by alleviating the common energy loss found in most stock bridges.

    The III goes a step further and includes saddles that are pre-grooved, allowing for installation to be done by most players. Remove your strings, then the 3 screws securing your current bridge. Replace the bridge, install the new screws and your strings, and you are good to go.

    The Leo Quan Badass III Bass bridge is manufactured in the US, and is made from die-cast Zinc.

    Currently available in Chrome with Slotted Saddles.

    Includes mounting screws and Allen wrench for adjusting the saddle height.

    Intended for basses that have 2.25" [19mm] string spacing.

    **Please check your bass before buying to make sure it has a THREE HOLE mounting pattern. If your bass has a five hole mounting pattern, please check out the Leo Quan Badass II Bass Bridge.

  • Size: 
    3.25" [82.55mm] Long
    2.13" [54.1mm] Wide
  • Below are impressions and anecdotal thoughts gathered over the years. Some are our own and some are from customers.

    • Same great punch and sustain as the Badass II
    • Slotted saddles make retrofit fast
    • Retrofit for Fender® basses with 3 hole pattern

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