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How To Build A Bass Guitar Course

Thanks for your interest in our How to Build A Bass Guitar course.

Whether you are already working wood or not, our course is aimed to put you on a solid footing to build a quality bass.

Building a bass guitar is truly a series of small steps, many of which are intimidating at first glance, but when broken down are much more accessible. We want to provide an educated starting place to become effective, efficient and accurate in your instrument construction.

The course is being designed to give you insight into all of the micro steps of a bass build. Modules covering all the aspects of instrument construction are covered in a comprehensive way, such that someone with a modest wood working shop can begin building a bass.

We anticipate that the course length will be roughly 30 hours of video.

Our focus will initially be on a vintage-style, bolt-on-neck bass.

We do hope to offer additional building modules as we plan course offerings (multi-laminate necks, multi-laminate bodies, neck-through and set neck construction).