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100G66J1 B/T

Bartolini 100G66J1 6 String Hum Cancelling Original Series Bass Pickups

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These early 6 string pickups were originally developed with Modulus in the early 90s. They were refined with input from Steve Baily in the mid 90s. They have dual inline hum-cancelling coils and a deep voice. 

Sold as a SET (Bridge & Neck pickups)

  • Based on our legendary Original series J Bass¬ģ pickups with dual-inline, split coils, these pickups cancel hum while providing that full and warm vintage tone you've been craving, enhancing the natural voice of your bass. Original Barts bring out your voice, low and clear.

    In the early ‚Äė70s, Bill Bartolini leveraged his deep knowledge of acoustics to create pickups that produce the most natural, musical voice from the instrument. He added shielding to block radio signals and noise. He developed a method of sealing, isolating, and stabilizing the coils so they could be encapsulated in epoxy to eliminate ‚Äúmicrophonics‚ÄĚ ‚Äď the nasty noise you get when you touch typical pickups.

    Candybar shapes were made for refined Jazz Bass¬ģ builders who wanted to avoid the routing hassles and busy look of standard J Bass¬ģ pickups. Available in versions for neck (Bass, -B) and bridge (Treble, -T).
  • Size (Neck & Bridge):¬†
    5.52" [140.2mm] Long
    0.93" [23.7mm] Wide

  • Coil Structure:
    Dual Inline Hum-killing

    Cable Type:
    Shielded Coaxial Hot Core

    Magnetic Circuit:
    2 types of carbon steel powered by ceramic (ferrite) magnets
    Opposite polarity for neck and bridge

    100G66J1-B - Neck

    • DC Resistance: ~8.8Kő©
    • Resonant Frequency: ~5.8KHz
    • Sensing Width: 3.94" [100mm] Max 2.56" [65mm] Min

    100G66J1-T - Bridge

    • DC Resistance: ~10Kő©
    • Resonant Frequency: ~4.9KHz
    • Sensing Width: 3.94" [100mm] Max 2.56" [65mm] Min

  • Below are some general impressions and anecdotal thoughts gathered over the years about Bartolini's Original Series. Some are our own and some are from customers.
    • Most players will¬†hear these pickups as giving their bass a fuller tone, typically a very significant¬†improvement over stock pickups.
    • While the tone is not vintage,¬†the Bartolini Original Series pickups are ¬†on the warmer side of the spectrum. ¬†These are not the pickups for you¬†if you are looking for a bright or airy top end.
    • Regularly, players will comment that these¬†pickups fattened or thickened-up the tone of thin sounding basses.
    • Output is medium, some see it as a bit quieter than others. ¬†Having used these a lot, it isn‚Äôt as if these are uber-quiet, but you may need to turn the¬†master volume on your amp a bit, depending on the rest of your signal chain.¬†¬†
    • Bartolini‚Äôs corners are nice and rounded over, so if you play with your thumb hooked on the top corner, these will probably feel a bit better than¬†a traditional pickup shell (referring mostly to Jazz¬ģ and Precision¬ģ Basses.