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Delano PJ-MVC4 FE/M2 4 String PJ Bass Pickups

• Delano's premier split coil pickups together for PJ Bass. 

  • This set combines a JMVC4 FE/M2 Bridge pickup and a PMVC4 FE/M2 pickup.

    JMVC4 FE/M2 Bridge Pickup:
    The gorgeous visual impact of their 9,5mm pole pieces is clearly audible: Ultra fast transient attack, powerful low end response, detailed midrange and brilliant highend for direct in-your-face, take no prisoners bass tone. Even the very bottom range of drop tuned basses will stay tight, focused and alive. JMVCs can handle massive tone tweaking and interact superbly with active circuits and effects.

    PMVC4 FE/M2 Pickup:
    The big poles grab all the strings movements with zero loss. Specially engineered magnets and custom wound coils make up for a bass transducer ready to redefine the word PRECISION. Just imagine meaty P-Bass® tone with in-your-face Stingray® style grind and attack, and then you got at least the frame of the picture. Due to its tight broad frequency range, this is a GREAT pickup for nu-school funk and rock players, it loves drop tuned basses and massive tone tweaking.

  • Size (P Bass®): 
    2.22" [56.4mm] Long
    1.08" [27.4mm] Wide

    Size (Jazz Bridge): 
    3.74" [95mm] Long
    .73" [18.5mm] Wide

Customer Reviews

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Delano PJ-MVC4 FE/M2 4 String PJ Bass Pickups

PJ-MVC4 FE/M2 Delano Bass Pickup

This Delano pick up definitely has more of Punching low end feel for my needs. Drop the tuning to C, B, A or G# and your still gonna hear excellent quality sound coming from the Delano PJ pick up. I have a Delano AL/M2 humbucker dual-coil series pick up on my Fender Jazz Bass (MIM) as well. So, Delano pick up are definitely my choice for the ingredient on my Basses. It may be expensive but, it's worth it! If you want excellent Bass hardware equipment for your Bass then, shop with Fat Bass Tone!
Thanx Fat Bass Tone!
Dave Fire