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Delano PMVC4 FE/M2 4 String Precision Bass¬ģ Pickup

How to improve a classic pickup design? DELANO takes the classic P-Bass¬ģ pickup design a major step forward.¬†

  • The big poles grab all the strings movements with zero loss. Specially engineered magnets and custom wound coils make up for a bass transducer ready to redefine the word PRECISION.

    Just imagine meaty P-Bass¬ģ tone with in-your-face Stingray¬ģ style grind and attack, and then you got at least the frame of the picture. Due to its tight broad frequency range, this is a GREAT pickup for nu-school funk and rock players, it loves drop tuned basses and massive tone tweaking.

    Includes Pickup screw tubing and black screws.
  • Size:¬†
    2.22" [56.4mm] Long
    1.08" [27.4mm] Wide

  • Shielded 1-conductor cable
  • Below are impressions and anecdotal thoughts gathered over the years about Delano's unique FE/M2 pickups. Some are our own and some are from customers.
    • Very tight low end
    • Snappy attack with a wide dynamic range
    • Crisp top end
    • Medium to high output
    • Often described as having a hi-fi tone

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