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Pre-Wiring Service for Aguilar OBP Bass Preamps

Want to get an Aguilar OBP Preamp but feel intimidated by the extensive wiring involved?

Or you simply don't have the time or tools?

Our Aguilar OBP pre-wiring service can save you time, hassle and potential extensive troubleshooting by delivering a complete kit that is ready to be installed in your bass.  We offer this service for Aguilar's OBP1, OBP2 and OBP3 Bass Preamps.

Our Pre-Wired Kits Include:

  • Wiring - All components and preamp module wired together so that the wiring harness is operational and we can test it in our workshop using an actual bass.
  • All Controls required for the configuration you have chosen
  • Jack
  • Battery Clips
  • Adequate wire lengths to suit a variety of installations

Our goal is for you to be able to get the preamp operational quickly...and for us to do all the wiring that we can do without the bass in front of us.


For a lot of basses, this will mean that you just need to wire your pickups into the configuration.  Other basses will need to swap our battery clips for your battery box...and sometimes swap the wires leading from our jack to yours if it happens to be a barrel jack or different type of jack than the standard jack that we include.

Ready To Ship in Days, NOT weeks or months
We stay on top of our pre-wiring orders so that we can get these out the door within a day or two.  Over the years, we have wired up A LOT of these harnesses. 

Players looking to install an Aguilar preamp in their bass may have noticed that nearly all of the OBP1, 2 & 3 preamps on the market are sold as a ‘kit’ that is not wired.  The following are the kits that most retailers are buying from Aguilar: OBP-1TK, OBP-1SK, OBP-2TK, OBP-2SK, OBP-3TK, OBP-3TK/PP, OBP-3SK & OBP-3SK/PP.  These kits are pretty basic.  They include just the EQ pots.  The jack, battery clips, volume, and blend pots are not included.

Back in 2003, when Brian (Co-Owner/Founder of Fat Bass Tone) founded another notable bass parts company, very few (if any) other dealers were offering a complete pre-wired kit.  Offering a pre-wired kit takes time, technical expertise, and testing.    He began offering this service so that a player with some basics  soldering skills (or a guitar tech who is unfamiliar with the often more complex active control systems found in basses) could install an Aguilar OBP preamp in their bass.

Should I get a pre-wired kit if I am going to have a tech install my OBP?
Generally, Yes.  We are wiring these on an extremely regular basis, and as such are not learning the preamp on each install.  Some guitar techs are outstanding and can certainly do the job.  Others will need to take a lot of extra time to learn, wire up the configuration and install, and you may be paying for their time to get their head wrapped around the configuration and wiring scheme.